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The Daring Factory™ is NSE's  School of Higher Education focused on the development of creative leadership. The Daring Factory™ has been training and coaching leaders for 10 years, guiding and facilitating creative change processes while supporting people and organisations in discovering and developing a new approach to thinking and doing.

Our goal is to combine creative leadership practices with the most powerful coaching tools to allow everyone to seed creativity and explore new possibilities. In recent years we have made many mistakes… but we have gained even greater experience, and we would be delighted to share this with you. Discover the main areas in which we can support you in your process of growth.



Developing creative thinking: Creative Problem Solving

This course introduces the thinking skills model of Creative Problem Solving (CPS).

The focus is on knowledge and understanding of CPS, the main steps and how to apply it to real challenges.

20 Hours

Clarification > How to explore vision and challenges

This course is designed as an extension of Clarification with a focus on 3 main phases: Assessing the Situation, Exploring the Vision, and Formulating the Challenges in the CPS Thinking Skills model. The main objective is to provide participants with a detailed and comprehensive experience of these three phases in order to apply them to a concrete business/personal problem.

20 Hours

Transformation > How to explore ideas and formulate solutions

This course provides an in-depth analysis of the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) thinking skills model. The focus is on transformation: exploring ideas and formulating solutions.

20 Hours

Implementation > How to turn ideas into viable solutions through genuine acceptance

This course provides an in-depth analysis of the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) thinking skills model. The focus is on implementation: exploring acceptance and formulating plans.

20 Hours

Leadership Development

MANAGER or COACH?Developing the winning mindset through the 'Impact Coaching for Results' methodology

This course provides the necessary tools for better management of employees through coaching skills.

Leveraging role-based managerial responsibilities, this programme focuses on supporting leaders in developing coaching skills to better engage employees and more effectively manage them by developing long-lasting behaviour and accountability.

14 September 2023 | Online | 20 Hours

Effective Communication

The objective of this programme is to support participants to maximise their impact in communication. It is not about becoming superheroes but about training those unique and distinctive elements that make the relationship valuable.

Knowing how to communicate effectively allows you to be heard and to receive feedback on the content you offer, contributing effectively to conversations and presentations.

Online | 20 Hours

Self Leadership

The aim of this programme is to train behaviours for more effective leadership management. Through exercises and feedback, each participant will be able to identify the most appropriate leadership style for them and thus achieve effective results.

Online | 20 Hours


Master in Creative Coaching

Training Course to become a Creative Coach, supporting people's personal and professional growth. Tailor-made training for you through our in-person and/or distance learning courses.

14 September 2023  |  Online |  70 Hours

Master in Team Coaching Mindset

The course to become an expert in Team Coaching and learn the skills, method and tools to manage high performing teams.

21 September 2023  |  Online & in presence  |  65 Hours

Business Impact Coaching

To evolve in your profession and in the development of your coaching skills.
You will experience a leadership management methodology to support organisational transformation.

6 June 2023  |  Online & in presence  |  20 Hours

Group Coaching Supervision

Supervision work is a space for learning and reflection, dedicated to being a coach. A reflective practice to observe yourself in your own coaching practice, exploring what happens in the session, in the relationship with the client and opening yourself up to new awareness.

25 September 2023  |  Online  |  10 Hours


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