Master in Team Coaching Mindset

The course to become an expert in Team Coaching mindset and learn the skills, method and tools to manage high performing teams.

6 November 2023 |  In presence, Milan | Italian | 65 hours

Forthcoming editions:

Mild Track Online | English | January '24

Fast track in presence, Rome | Italian |  April '24

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    Who is the Master in Team Coaching Mindset for? 

    Coaches with experience (at least 300 hrs of coaching practices) 

    Leaders and Managers who are keen to manage teams effectively

    HR to support the evolution and transformation of teams into high-performing teams

    Course duration

    The complete TEAM COACHING MINDSET PROGRAMME is developed over 65 hours (of which 50 hours of live sessions and 15 hours asynchronous).

    • Foundation - Team Coaching
      30 hours (of which 22 hours of live sessions)
    • Advanced - Team Coaching
      35 hours (of which 27 hours of live sessions)


    The programme includes an in-depth study of the ICF Team Coaching Competencies, the Code of Ethics and the specific tools for effectively managing coaching journeys with teams. The programme has been developed for the following two levels:

    FOUNDATION - TEAM COACHING: provides the necessary tools to define the perimeter of team coaching and to work with team dynamics, deepening the ICF competences dedicated to Team Coaching.
    ADVANCED - TEAM COACHING: provides the tools to work on team agility by supporting their evolution and transformation into high-performing teams.

    Programme for the Foundation module:

    • Module 1 - Team Coaching Clarity: definitions and standards of Team Coaching; difference between individual coaching, team coaching and group coaching; ICF Team Coaching competences and ICF Code of Ethics; contract, content and rules of working with the team; construction of a team coaching project; role of the coach in clarifying the agreement; confidentiality and responsibility of roles.
    • Module 2 - Team Coaching Dynamics: principles, rules and functional and dysfunctional dynamics of the system; fundamentals of Team Coaching and types of teams; basics of team dynamics through a systemic approach to train teams for team success; co-creation of a safe container to allow each member to express themselves and develop winning strategies to unleash everyone's potential; strengths and building a winning team mentality. 

     Programme for the Advanced module: 

    • Module 3 - Team Coaching Agility: effective practices to experience learning, strategic and creative thinking skills to improve team interventions and decision-making; becoming a high-performance team by working on relationships between members; modelling collective awareness on how to relate and communicate.
    • Module 4 - Team Coaching Evolution: how to work on team capabilities and possibilities in the accountability process; steps and tools to support team evolution towards a more effective organisation. Developing and incorporating a more collective and collaborative approach through active listening practices, especially in hybrid work environments, while maintaining the focus on achieving results.

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      Participation in the programme includes:

      • 65 hours of highly experiential training with dedicated simulations, feedback and mentoring;
      • 10 hours of individual/team supervision with an accredited supervisor;
      • Final evaluation with written feedback of a live Team Coaching session;
      • Concreteness and sharing of real cases, thanks to the rich experience of our coaches.


      Luciano Boccucci, MSc, MCC & Accredited Coaching Supervisor


      Our Team Coaching Mindset training programme is aimed at learning team coaching skills according to the guidelines of the International Coaching Federation. 

      Learning experience and fertilisation with simulations and exercises in plenary and subgroups.

      This course is part of The Daring FactoryTM , NSE's Advanced Training School focused on creative leadership development.

      Certificate of participation

      A diploma of participation will be awarded at the end of the course.

      The training enables you to apply for recognition as a Team Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

      Participation fee

      The price varies according to the level selected.

      €2.750 - 6.400 + VAT (instalments planned)

      Contact us to discuss the right programme for you and to find out about the current promotion.

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