Transformation > How to explore ideas and formulate solutions

This course provides an in-depth analysis of the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) thinking skills model. The focus is on transformation: exploring ideas and formulating solutions.

20 Hours

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    This course is designed to provide participants with the tools and techniques to lead sessions to generate ideas and turn them into solutions.

    The main objective is to provide a framework for managing change effectively, focusing on how to develop ideational thinking skills to really bring about paradigm shifts in everyday business life.


    20 hours


    By participating in this workshop, participants will gain: 

    • The Value of Ideational Thinking in Promoting Change;
    • The main divergent and convergent tools for exploring ideas;
    • The power of evaluative thinking in supporting leadership development;
    • The main divergent and convergent tools for formulating solutions;
    • Affective skills for each stage.


    All creative studio workshops are highly interactive and contain both individual and group activities. 

    The participants' presence, participation and involvement are considered an essential part of the creative learning process. Therefore, the evaluation at this stage is based on the ability to apply it to real personal and business challenges. Participants should come to this course with a clear and well-defined situation on which to generate ideas based on the previous module.


    MSc Luciano Boccucci and/or other MSc (with the same Master of Science- ICSC)


    This programme is closely linked to NSE's mission. We focus on developing creative leadership based solely on customer needs.

    For years, NSE has been training professionals to facilitate and lead creative change processes. NSE guides organisations and leaders to discover a new approach to thinking and acting.

    Our programmes develop creative thinking processes that combine creative leadership practices with the most powerful coaching and L&D tools. This gives our clients and their teams the opportunity to thrive.


    At the end of the workshop, participants will receive a certificate of attendance (Statement of Accomplishment).


    Recommended reading: 

    • Puccio, G., Mance M., Murdock M. C. (2013). Creative Leadership. Franco Angeli.
    • Puccio, G., Mance M., Switalski Barbero L., Reali P. (2012). Creativity on the rise. Creative thinking and creative problem solving in the 21st century. ICSC Press, Buffalo, NY, USA.

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