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6 October 2023 - 17 March 2024 |  Online & In Presence |  148 hours

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    Who is the Master in Creative Coaching for?

    Coaching is increasingly recognised as a powerful leadership practice for people development and management, and has become a growing profession. Our course is particularly suitable for Managers, Trainers, Entrepreneurs, Educators and Professionals who are looking for a methodology that supports them in their creative transformation processes, who want to acquire coaching skills they can use in their professional/personal life, who want to start a career as a coach, or who simply want to embark on their own path of growth and development.

    Course duration

    The complete Creative Coaching training programme consists of 148 hours - of which 132 hours of live sessions and 16 asynchronous:

    Foundation Creative Coaching course:
    7 days, 70 hours (of which 58 hours of live sessions)

    Advanced Creative Coaching course:
    9 days, 78 hours (of which 74 hours of live sessions)


    The programme includes an in-depth look at coaching competences according to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the Code of Ethics and specific tools to manage coaching programmes effectively. It also offers concrete support in identifying your niche as a professional coach. 

    Master Level 1 - Foundation Creative Coaching (70 hours, of which 58 hours live sessions):

    Scope and foundations of coaching: definition; ethics in coaching and standards of the profession. The coaching mindset and guidelines. Developing and verifying the coaching agreement. The keys to co-constructing the coaching relationship: trust, active listening and direct communication. The art of asking questions and generating awareness to facilitate learning. The principles of creative coaching as a structured process to generate possibilities. The activity is complemented by coaching practice and feedback.

    The asynchronous training part involves coaching practice outside the classroom, research activities on specific topics and in-depth individual coaching.

    A 10-hour mentoring course to support skills development completes the programme.


    2nd Level Master - Advanced Creative Coaching (78 hours, of which 74 hours live sessions): 

    In this second part of the course, participants focus primarily on perfecting the coaching process and on being a coach, demonstrating the skills necessary to ensure mastery at least at the Professional Certified Coach level.

    This advanced phase is aimed at the growth of the coach both as a person and as a professional, working on the coach's purpose and area of impact with a focus on authenticity and transparency in the conduct of the profession. 

    The first focus is on cognitive and affective skills: participants will experience how to relate with the client at a deeper level, facilitating greater presence and cultivating a systemic vision of the coaching relationship. Specific tools of creative thinking will also train the necessary coaching mindset to foster the client's full autonomy and responsibility, developing the genuine curiosity that allows the coach to remain present in the here and now and open to possibilities of discovery.

    The second focus area of the course is dedicated to the collective approach of coaching, exploring group dynamics, basic team and group management tools, developing through coaching, a systemic and inclusive perspective. The work of the coach will be an opportunity to support not only the individual but also the organisation of which they are part. In particular, through plenary and sub-group exercises, participants will focus on the coach's ability to reach clear and transparent agreements regarding the coaching relationship, taking into account the objective, the stakeholders involved and above all identifying the responsibilities of the individual and the team/group. A partnership approach and coaching mentality is also cultivated and maintained during this phase.

    The third and final area of focus involves the combination of creative thinking with the ability to cultivate presence through the clarity of the intent and creative spark and by identifying the talents and personal life project.

    To support this transition, the reflective practice and supervision work dedicated to each participant is a powerful moment of transformation that benefits the coaching relationship with the client.

    Final assessment: written test, management of a live coaching session with an external client, project and paper.

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      The participation fee for the CREATIVE Coaching programme includes:

      • Teaching materials;
      • 132 hours of live lessons;
      • 20 hours of mentoring of which 6 individual and 16 in groups;
      • Access to team supervision conducted by Accredited Coach Supervisors;
      • Individual sessions to accompany the drafting of the final project;
      • Written feedback on recorded or live sessions;
      • Final evaluation with written feedback of a live coaching session;
      • Possibility of practice hours with real customers;
      • Discounted rates for access to all school community activities;
      • Ad hoc rates for group mentoring sessions;
      • Ad hoc rates for individual and team supervision sessions;
      • Possibility to attend again - as a guest - programmes already attended.


      Our trainers

      The training is delivered by experienced trainers, coaches with MCC (Master Certified Coach) and PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credentials.


      Our CREATIVE Coaching training programme is aimed at learning the skills of coaching and initiating professional coaches to the profession, in accordance with Law no. 4 of 14 January 2013 and with the guidelines of ICF, International Coaching Federation. This course is part of The Daring FactoryTM , NSE's Higher Education School focused on creative leadership development. 

      The Daring FactoryTM has been training and coaching leaders capable of leading and facilitating creative change processes for years, accompanying people and organisations to discover and develop a new approach to thinking and doing

      With a long-standing experience in the development of creative thinking, our programmes combine creative leadership practices with the most powerful coaching tools to enable each individual to germinate new possibilities in themselves and others.

      Course Dates


      •Coaching mindset and guidelines – 6  Oct 2023
      •Meeting Ethical Guidelines, Establishing the Coaching agreement  – 7 Oct 2023
      •Co-create value in the relationship - Trust  – 3 novembre 2023
      •Active listening in coaching and the art of asking questions – 10 novembre 2023
      •Direct communication – 17 novembre 2023
      •Create awareness  – 1 dicembre 2023
      • Facilitate learning – 15 dicembre 2023 
      •Creative Coaching – 12 gennaio 2024

      Exam – 27 gennaio 2024


      Creative coaching mindset - in presence:

      •Cognitive skills for coaching  – 9 febbraio 2024 
      •Affective skills for coaching   – 10 febbraio 2024 

      Collective creative coaching - online:

      •Group Coaching  – 1 March 2024
      •Team Coaching   – 8 March 2024
      •Enhance awareness & group dynamics – 15 March 2024
      •Enhance awareness & group dynamics – 22 March 2024

      Ignite the creative spark – Residential:

      •Creative purpose    – 15 March 2024
      •Effective Presence  – 16 e 17 March 2024

      Certificate of participation

       At the end of the entire course, a certificate of attendance will be issued; for those who attend level 1 only , a certificate of attendance will be issued after passing the scheduled examinations. 

      The 1st level - Foundation Creative Coaching pathway allows for the application to the Associate Certified Coach credential. Achievement of Level 2 - Advanced Creative Coaching allows for access to the Professional Certified Coach credential issued by the International Coaching Federation, once in line with all requirements.

      Participation fee

      Master Level 1 - Foundation Creative Coaching

      Master Level 2 - Advanced Creative Coaching (Full Course - Both Levels): 

      €2,900.00 - €6,200.00 + VAT (payable in instalments)

      The price varies according to the level selected.

      Contact us to discuss the right programme for you and to find out about the current promotion.

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