We pride ourselves on being ‘possibility activators’

Specialising in Creative Leadership & Change, Coaching & Mentoring, we thrive on planting ideas for a new way of thinking and setting in motion an authentic evolution.  We stay true to our core values every day, cultivating the creative spark and nurturing it with passion: to unleash the potential that everyone has and make desired and concrete change possible. 

In order to  offer our clients different perspectives and possibilities to help them blossom, we have integrated our Creative Leadership programme with the most innovative management methodologies: Design Thinking, Human-Centered Design, Creative Problem Solving (CPS), Creative Impact Coaching. Our partnership translates into tangible results that generate immediate value in people, organisational processes, products and services.



A concrete, courageous and visionary partner

We work alongside you to develop a new, powerful, visionary way of thinking. We enhance people's ability to dare and make constant and effective changes. We will help you experiment with new behaviours, new approaches and new skills, building trust in employees to think outside the box and consciously drive transformation and evolution: a necessity for success.

Custom solutions

No two experiences are ever the same: time after time, the beauty of our work lies in defining the right type of course for  each client we meet.  The way we work is to identify our clients’ real needs and then the best solution actually comes from within each  single, organisational reality. We ensure that the visionary thinking that has been triggered becomes conscious and replicable thanks to the know-how that has been acquired by the client.

Constant innovation, concrete results

We empower leaders to become more aware and more responsible so that they can develop an ecosystem conducive to creativity that impacts climate, people, processes, services/products, creating high-performing organisations. In this way, we create the right kind of operational flexibility that generates a new and powerful visionary thought: one that helps clients explore and reinvent the limits, instils collective innovation and a creative climate, and generates cultural synergies.


NoStopEvolution was founded in 2009 by Luciano Boccucci, a Creativity and Innovation Leader and a Master of Science in Creative Leadership c/o the International Center for Studies in Creativity in Buffalo (NY), the most prestigious global school dedicated to creative thinking and leadership. Thanks to a well-established network of professionals who share the same passion, approach, tools and evolutionary techniques, NoStopEvolution is able to support individual and organisational change processes at a local and global level. Over the years our team has gained a remarkable level of expertise in different economic and cultural contexts, providing ever more personalised and targeted solutions. Learn more about us below.


Luciano Boccucci

MCC,  Coach & Accredited Coach Supervisor


I have been curious since birth and I am enthusiastic by choice. I am highly passionate about activating the creative spark in people and generating within them a profound change through authentic everyday behaviours. I help clients develop a new visionary way of thinking so that they can explore their limits, generate possibilities and live their lives to the full, while achieving extraordinary team results.

After significant HR experience within multinational companies in various sectors, I founded NoStopEvolution in 2009, with the aim of focusing on the development of people so that any individual and organisation is in a position to realise their  desires and maximise their full potential. I am a Master Certified Coach (MCC), a Mentor, a Trainer, and a Creative Leadership Facilitator. In 2015 I published “Il Coraggio di Osare. Cambiamento e Leadership Creativa” (The Courage of Daring. Change and Creative Leadership), Guerrini Next.


Emanuela Pellegrini

PCC, Coach & Trainer


‘Curiosity’, ‘listening’ and ‘empathy’ are the three elements that have always defined my path. My daily mantra is: "We are all creative in our own way and life itself is a creative adventure." To be an "eternal newcomer" you need to train your curiosity and your ability to see things through different eyes in a very conscious way.  After working in the world of corporate marketing for several years, I came to a turning point in my life and started training at the International Center for Studies in Creativity (Buffalo, NY). It was there through the development of creative thinking that I discovered how  each of us could develop our own potential.

Nowadays I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Trainer and Change Facilitator... and I really enjoy experimenting with these skills in different fields to continuously test their potential. Recently I have set up a  special creativespace where children and young people can have a stimulated learning experience through creative research and experimentation. I educate children, teenagers, educators and parents to become aware of the existence of multiple intelligences and of new, fun and effective ways of learning. It’s a continuous, creative adventure!


Isa Leone

PCC, Coach & Trainer


‘Infectious happiness’ and ‘addictive passion’ are my closest friends.  I support and stimulate the creativity in people and organisations so that they can have sustainable change, without ever losing sight of their essence. After gaining significant experience in Insights & Market Research at local and international level in major multinational companies, I finally arrived at the heart of my mission: working on the development and well-being of people…and this excites me every day!

I am a multifaceted consultant in the field of market research, which allows me to study human nature.  I am also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Trainer and Change Facilitator … and  forever learning.  At the moment, I am  following generational development and the emotions  around change... WOW what  joy!


Francesca Guadalupi

PCC, Coach & Trainer


“You can’t think that something won’t happen just because you’ve never seen it done before” (Nicholas Nassim Taleb).

This phrase always helps me to look at life in new and conscious ways, reminding me that deep down, anything is possible. I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a Trainer and Facilitator. I have 20 years’ experience in corporate advertising at national and international level. After spending 9 years in Madrid at the L'Instituto de Empresa and obtaining a Masters in Business Management and Marketing, I felt even more convinced about the importance of flexibility, lightness, speed of adaptation and creativity. If you are trained in these skills, you are more than ready to face the challenges that life presents you!

It's always exciting for me to see how organisations and people change and progress.


Gabriella Alinovi

PCC, Coach & Trainer


Energy. Irony. Frankness. More than a mountain of experience, change and exploration. I have lived abroad, I love my family, my friends, studying and my work, my city and my country.

After a long career as a Project Leader, working in many international and multinational contexts, I then worked in HR, beginning in 2005, where I had the chance to gain invaluable knowledge and perfect many skills.  Since 2007 I have been working as a Coach (ICF  PCC). Additionally I have a Masters in Creative Problem Solving and an insatiable desire to learn new things. When I'm with my clients, we are capable of opening up worlds of possibility and change: and from there, there's a great view!


Daniela Pagano

PCC, Coach & Trainer


A passion for human resources, the enhancement of skills, the search for new tools, and a drive for change and innovation are the constants that distinguish my many years of experience in Italian and multinational, private and public contexts.

After extensive experience as a Head-hunter in the IT, TLC and Retail markets, my interest in understanding the hidden potential of people led me to become an Assessor, obtaining certification in D.I.S.C.-based systems, tools that are closer to me because they increase awareness of one's self and of one’s emotions.

In 2011 I discovered the essence of Coaching, particularly ontological coaching, and having experienced it on myself, I embraced its value and I applied it; today, as a Professional Certified Coach, I accompany my clients in achieving the changes they desire, in a relationship of Trust and of Listening. 

Together we experience the beauty of transformation! 


Elisabetta Casucci

PCC Coach & Trainer


I have always been attracted by «change» and by the opportunities it generates, and my extensive experience in a management consulting firm allowed me to be involved in complex change programmes and to contribute to the evolution of people and organisations. 

My interest in people and my belief in their potential have always been the motivating drivers behind my approach, which is strongly oriented towards highlighting their strengths, talents, successes and everything that works well and generates energy.  

I work with managers and leadership teams in projects that involve the achievement of challenging goals, the development of creative and inclusive leadership, cohesion and cultural integration aimed at facilitating harmony and collaboration.

I have been an executive coach since 2009 and I have  a Professional Certified Coach credential, I am a trainer and  a facilitator. In the two-year period 2017-2018 I was a member of the Steering Committee of the Italian chapter of the International Coach Federation with the role of Head of Members Services, and since 2018 I have been coaching managers attending the "Executive MBA" programmes of the School of Management at Bocconi University. 


Amanda Jane Franklin

PCC Coach & Trainer


Born a teacher into a family of teachers, I have always loved supporting people to reach the goals they set themselves, to become more effective communicators and to do this with greater confidence. I believe that language is at the heart of self-realisation, and helping clients express themselves fully is my passion. Coaching was a natural progression in my professional journey as it has allowed me to offer even greater support to my clients to break down further barriers that are holding them back from creating a life they are proud of. 

I am a Certified Professional Coach through International Coach Academy (ICA) and an ICF accredited PCC. In addition, I am a certified Advanced Neurolanguage coach accredited by ICF, a Fierce Conversations trainer and owner of WorkinEnglish, a Corporate Language Training organisation.


Elena Mellara

PCC, Coach & Trainer


Inclusion of different elements with the recurring question “what other viewpoint can I consider?” are my signature factors together with the motto “put some action into your motivation”.

This is how I enter into small and big challenges and this is how I work with the people who I have the luck to work with.
After 20 years spent in multinational companies with operational roles based on infinite data, price strategies, forecasting and market research, I understood that what I was really curious and passionate about was how the human factor was reacting to the various decisions taken within the company. Starting from there I began a journey which lead me – for now – to be an ICF certified coach with PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credentials.
I have been living in “Tulipland” a.k.a. The Netherlands since 2008. Here the sky changes every 10 minutes and it reminds me of the contrast and the action I am always seeking. The different nationalities I am in contact with almost every day give me the energy and trigger to go deeper into the human factor.


Elisabetta Magagnin

ACC Coach & Trainer, Senior HR Consultant


I started studying the piano at the age of 8, learning at an early age the meaning and value of words like sacrifice, commitment, study and continuous practice to achieve one’s goals, in music and beyond.

After graduating as a pianist and obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, I obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Clemson University in South Carolina (USA), an exhilarating experience that allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and open myself up to new possibilities.

For more than 20 years, I have worked with and for colleagues in several multinational companies in the Healthcare industry, holding roles of increasing responsibility in Human Resources, both in Business partnering and Employee relations and in Selection, Training and Development.

Thanks to my passion for children, the imaginary world and learning through play, I have led music workshops in Kindergartens and Primary Schools in Milan and rediscovered the importance of joy, lightness and wonder.

I began coaching in 2020; I am an ACC Coach (certified by ICF), and Leadership Circle Profile Coach (certified). I also do HR Training and Consulting for medium-sized companies. 

I like to listen and recognise the emotions that music arouses in me, and this makes me feel free and sometimes even vulnerable. I like to think that this is what I make available to the people I follow and will follow... a space to listen, even in silence, where you can dance to the rhythm of music, the one you choose!


Branko Broman


I was originally a landscape architect and an environmental engineer, which allowed me to experiment with the power of creative thinking in a concrete way while working as a project leader on the restoration of natural areas in the Netherlands. Due to this invaluable experience, I decided to study for a Master's degree in Creativity and Change Leadership at the ICSC in Buffalo, NY. Over the years I have had the privilege of working with many people, companies and non-profits, both in Europe and in other parts of the globe, and I have always been passionate about seeing how people brighten up and have fun when they create amazing alternatives for themselves and others.

I am a FourSight Trainer, a Certified Coach in Intercultural PNL and the director of the Academy for Creative Leadership in Amsterdam, which promotes creative leadership in Europe.


Roberto Alessi


Creativity is something very concrete for me as I see it manifest itself in multiple activities every day. I founded Cronopios, and through collaboration with a few friends, I work within Project Management, Creative Process Facilitation and Participatory Training. I am a contract professor at The University of Urbino, Faculty of Sociology, where I teach "Territorial Marketing and Creative Development of Territories".

I was the Organisational Director and a member of the Board of Directors of the Santarcangelo Festival, as well as the Hall Director and the Head of Hospitality at the Arena del Sole in Bologna. I believe that creativity becomes art and this contamination opens people’s hearts.


Laura Barbero Switalski

Trainer & Facilitator – NSE Senior Associate USA

Facilitator, Trainer and Executive Coach, I have gained extensive experience with multinational organizations in facilitating creativity and innovation processes, in change management and the development of teamwork and leadership. Born and raised in Italy, I now live and work in both the United States and Europe, and I have gained high professional competence in facilitating cross-cultural workgroups across North and Central America, and Europe.
Senior Associate of NoStopEvolution and Partner at Darwin Associates, I am an adjunct Professor at Buffalo State College (SUNY), "International Center for Studies in Creativity". My passion is experimenting through personal integration into different cultures, all the while giving a significant contribution to the value of diversity.


Emanuela Berardi

Programme Support

I like to feel useful, so I try to give my support in practical, quick and precise ways, always ready to venture into uncharted territories in order to learn new things - all topped off with a smile. After all, any job or activity is best done with a smile. 

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