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Client confidentiality is a fundamental value for us. This is the only reason why we do not make the names of our clients visible. To give you an idea of the areas in which we work, you can find below some examples of our partnerships.

We have had the honour to collaborate with clients from many different business sectors, such as: Healthcare & Biotech; Consumer & B2C; Luxury & Fashion; Services (Education, Consulting, Computer Science...); Utility (Energy & Telco);  Automotive;  Entertainment;  Insurance & Banking; Manufacturing. This diversity and wealth have allowed us to enhance and consolidate our know-how even further. Just in case you are wondering if we can make it work for you… get in touch and we will be delighted to share our experience with you, as well as our commitment.


& Fashion



The client group is a world leader in the luxury sector. It is constantly looking for a balance between innovation and creativity while respecting tradition, uniqueness and essence. It is a ‘must’ that the employees develop a concrete approach to creative thinking and innovation culture and, furthermore, that there is a real opportunity to contribute to the value of each individual brand.

The first step was to understand the actual needs of the client: to identify the tradition, innovation and value of each individual brand. The second step  - once a creative mindset had been developed and everything had been turned into a possible action – was to integrate concrete elements into the proposal, capable of supporting those who were not necessarily creative by trade.

The end result of this co-creation was the conception of a creative leadership development path within the group's Academy, allowing each person to have a unique experience: experimenting with new and creative methods when approaching everyday problems and opportunities, and acquiring replicable tools and techniques for each department and brand of the group.




The client group is a leader in the design and production of glasses. It needs to enhance its innovation area (front-end and back-end) and manage the creative process effectively in order to have a concrete impact on its new product development.

Knowing how to facilitate and manage creative brainstorming sessions which effectively respond to the stakeholders’ varied needs, while generating a high value for every different brand, is a critical element for business sustainability. After the observation-elaboration-insight phase, we developed an ad hoc creative leadership path exclusively reserved for the front-end and back-end innovation area.

We then alternated a content learning method (Creative Thinking Lab) with team and individual leadership development sessions (Creative Leadership Experience), giving participants the opportunity to learn through realistic creative sessions, designed to measure the impact of real-time solutions.


& Energy



Our client is a leader in the gas & electricity sector and wants to enhance its leadership resources by developing its global approach to creative thinking and acquiring creative tools and techniques to support such a change.

After doing Open Innovation together, an ad hoc programme was created that was able to provide all the necessary tools for the development of creative thinking (Creative Lab), as well as being able to adapt to all the multiple needs in an ever-changing world (Digital Creative Lab).

In addition, ad hoc workshops were co-facilitated to generate innovative proposals for concrete business issues.




The client group is a leader in software production and computing. It is facing the issue of generational change and needs to form a team of future leaders for the next generation.

Working with the management team, we designed a leadership development programme that consisted of individual Executive Coaching paths solely for senior managers who were already working in that role, or were about to do so.

The coaching not only provided the necessary training for the identified behaviours, ensuring a natural evolution for the company towards  the future, but it also, more importantly, addressed the exposed gap in this role.  Constantly checking in on the objectives allowed us to work on self-awareness to benefit renewed performance, leading to extraordinary team results.




Our client is a global pharmaceutical company. Following the sudden shift in communication methods (also caused by the global pandemic), it needs to renew its relationship with internal and external stakeholders.

In this context, it is essential to implement targeted strategies and act on new behaviours to effectively guide this inevitable transformation. Working with HR and Customer Facing, we designed a path (creative mentoring) aimed at unlocking every participant’s potential, with a focus on team results.

Using the same path, we also trained them in virtuous behaviours. helping to proactively guide their transformation while enhancing some necessary role skills in a virtual relational approach. We then integrated existing models with ad hoc tools, opening up new possibilities and thus making the learning experience flexible, effective and of real value to the people involved.


& B2C



Our client is a leading, high-quality, direct sales company that sells everyday products. It needs to transform its sales managers into true leaders who are capable of continuously finding alternative and practical solutions for the end customer, as well as maintaining and increasing its market share.

The company's sales structure evolves due to word-of-mouth, and the identification of the talent to recruit for its direct sales strongly impacts business results. In this regard, we designed an ad hoc path for area managers which focused on the development of a new sales mindset, aiming to change the contact style and to give new life to meetings that would offer services in addition to the more traditional ones that offered products.

Therefore, by integrating fun activities with design activities we developed all the necessary skills for successful sales strategies.




Our client is a leading quality entertainment company with a cross-platform portfolio. It needs to align the organisation with new business strategies and lead people managers through a process of change and transformation.

We started by building on our client's expansion needs and working on strengthening the managers’ potential and professional identity so that they would be able to face any challenge ahead. Firstly, we designed an offsite activity that would focus on working on an initial strategic alignment between the different departments to clarify all of the real business priorities.

Secondly, we used the information that emerged to build value by developing the managers’ key skills and their creative innovation ability, in part through Impact Coaching sessions.




Our client is a global company, dedicated to the research and development of therapies that treat neurological diseases. It wants to involve their millennials in an important change and innovation process in order to have a new perspective on the challenges that lie ahead.

We developed a strategy with our client to have a community of millennials that would add a new spark to customer service, offering a different vision and alternative solutions to the challenges/themes identified by the company’s leaders. We outlined a step-by-step process to build up the community by defining governance and its rules, process methodology, ways of participation and engagement, and KPIs.

We then provided a method using specific tools and techniques so that each community participant could replicate it and manage it autonomously in their own way. Finally, we implemented Impact Team Coaching activities designed to empower our creative changing team members and enhance their interactions with others.




Our client is a global giant in the pharmaceutical sector and is driven by an interest in fuelling transformation and innovation of the sector. It is eager to optimise  its field processes in order to reduce the time spent on low-value tasks.

By applying a Design Thinking methodology, we created an intervention plan with the client, aimed at getting people in the field to participate in projects that involved listening, analysing and improving performed activities, maximising the ones of higher value. The first step was to gather structured feedback that revealed the main critical issues.

Then, a subsequent discussion with the stakeholders allowed us to analyse and validate the raised issues and the insights, giving voice to all related aspects regarding the impact, the motivation and the concrete possibilities of improvement. Finally, we closed the process by developing several possible solutions to present to the Leadership Team.

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