Although, on the one hand, the awareness of navigating ambiguity in daily life is well known, on the other hand more and more new leaders are called upon to make decisions  so swiftly and under such unparalleled pressure that  it is easy to stray off course.

The difference between knowing how to do something and knowing how to be

This is why – from a privileged observation perspective over the last 20 years – I have matured my thoughts on not just how important it is for leaders to know how to ‘do’ something – fundamental for achieving results – but, moreover, that they know how to ‘be’, to be able to ride out a continuous ebb and flow. From this standpoint, the Catch Leadership model focuses precisely on the development of the human “being”, deliberately directing its attention towards finding out who to be as a person rather than what to do or what role to take on.

Knowing hot to be and new perspectives

Somehow, simply ‘being’ opens up a new awareness to possibilities, having a decisive and powerful impact on the results to achieve. The success of new leaders, therefore, moves on from simply being able to develop new skills like the ability to "navigate uncertainty" and "ambiguity" which we all inevitably have to face. This radical change offers new perspectives and regenerates the way in which we rethink roles and business.