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Creativity within the company. A key resource for innovation and competitiveness.

In recent years, more and more companies have been investing in the development of creative thinking as a necessary key skill requirement to face change processes that are increasingly in need of a more timely and novel approach. Covid-19 has put us all to the test, turning out liquid scenarios that are constantly evolving, challenging even the smartest leaders to come up with suitable solutions aimed at ensuring greater competitiveness.

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How can we create a team of international leaders (in the Telco world) who can develop creativity?

Our client, with whom we worked in partnership with a leading English University, is a leader in the world of telecommunications. It required a cross-cutting approach to a creative leadership training process for its Managers from all of the company's global subsidiaries in order to develop the next generation of leaders who would be able to manage the increasing complexity and ambivalence of the moment.

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