In recent years we have made many mistakes... but we have gained even greater experience, and we would be delighted to share this with you. Discover the main areas in which we can support you in your process of growth.



Improving relationships through communication.


Luxury World

Creative Leadership for designer brands.


Social Impact

Accelerating social progress by supporting general education.

Have you not found what resonates with you? Customise the change you are looking to achieve. Book an appointment and we'll draw up a strategy together, perfectly tailored to your needs.


Nse Consulting srl

Piazza del Popolo 18 — 00187 ROMA

Partita Iva / Codice fiscale: 02581250590

Cap. Sociale sottoscritto: € 10.000,00 i.v.

Numero REA: RM — 1448014

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