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The magic word for today’s leaders is change perspective

Although, on the one hand, the awareness of navigating ambiguity in daily life is well known, on the other hand more and more new leaders are called upon to make decisions  so swiftly and under such unparalleled pressure that  it is easy to stray off course.

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Creativity within the company. A key resource for innovation and competitiveness.

In recent years, more and more companies have been investing in the development of creative thinking as a necessary key skill requirement to face change processes that are increasingly in need of a more timely and novel approach. Covid-19 has put us all to the test, turning out liquid scenarios that are constantly evolving, challenging even the smartest leaders to come up with suitable solutions aimed at ensuring greater competitiveness.

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How can we create a team of international leaders (in the Telco world) who can develop creativity?

Our client, with whom we worked in partnership with a leading English University, is a leader in the world of telecommunications. It required a cross-cutting approach to a creative leadership training process for its Managers from all of the company's global subsidiaries in order to develop the next generation of leaders who would be able to manage the increasing complexity and ambivalence of the moment.

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Innovation is the result of a disciplined process. Don’t rely on chance.

A stroke of luck alone is never enough! Just like the great expert who gives a talk about innovation at a convention doesn’t guarantee a result over time if he cannot find stimuli in the business context and creative leadership support.

In fact, in the last quarter of the last century about 70% of Fortune's top companies came off the list and were replaced by new businesses. One of the main reasons for this change was certainly the fact that some companies did not seem to be able to cultivate the genes of creative change in everyday life. The causes or reasons for this can be multiple and differ from case to case but the end result does not seem to change: companies that fail to successfully face change sooner or later are condemned to leave the stage, giving way to new ones who are better able to equip themselves to modify their products and processes to adapt to the new needs of the market.

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Applying Creative Thinking to business challenges

Tackling business challenges with a new, intuitive approach is critical to avoid reproducing familiar and usual responses.

Creative Thinking: key expertise

A few years ago it was difficult to talk about creativity in organized contexts. Thanks, in part, to the amount of research carried out over the years, the development of creative thinking is now considered one of the key skills to train. And when I say ‘train’, I mean it requires dedication, passion and skill which you can only acquire through practice. Try playing the piano or the violin if you've never done it before. To become a musician, you need a technique, which then needs to be tested and repeated over time. The same thing happens with creative thinking. You need to have lessons, experiment, have a coach or a mentor to support you. Then, after exercising it adequately, that passion becomes second nature.

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How can an organisation (in the Pharma industry) be harmonised after an acquisition?

Mergers and acquisitions always generate opportunities and tensions within organisational contexts. Often these transitions are not communicated clearly and it is the change management process itself that consequently finds itself  facing obstacles.

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