Transform Your Company

Our Action Strategy

We want to help organizations and leaders imagine the future they wish to create for themselves and identify the gaps they need to bridge in order to reach it. Through a consultative and diagnostic approach we help them explore each challenge and opportunity to find solutions and concrete actions, leading them to achieving ever better performances.
Through team facilitation, we support people in the achievement of higher levels of efficiency and personal and group performance, supporting the momentum of promoting creativity and innovation with leaders.

Our approach to innovation and creativity is based primarily on the Catch Leadership Model™, a methodology that integrates Creative Problem Solving with other techniques and theories for the development of creative thinking.

The implementation of Catch Leadership makes people more aware and more responsible for the building of a climate capable of nurturing creative change which impacts on people, processes and products.

Individual or Team Impact Coaching™ path will support and empower the change.

Get The Change Off The Ground

We have experienced first-hand the challenge of change, and for this reason we can be at your side, with us being the first to dare in order to encourage and support those who wish to dare.
We offer specific courses to learn how to master creative tools and techniques applying everything to real challenges.
Innovation thrives on diversity (styles, knowledge, functions) and requires the involvement of Senior leadership.
NoStopEvolution is the agent of change and transformation dedicated to people and the organisations they belong to, the partner who can help you realize the paradigm shift which is essential to develop Creative Leaders.

Our main objective is stimulating Creative Thought and this is why our actions focus on “nurturing creative change to lead evolution”.

Our work’s effort produces tangible results and benefits which have an immediate impact on PEOPLE, CLIMATE, PROCESSES, and PRODUCTS.

Our results – Case History

Case History