Case history Pharmaceutical

The companies that we’ve worked with represent the titans of the global market, and they’re moved by a concrete interest in making innovation their lifeblood.
Innovation is key to the creative approach in brand acquisitions and in company mergers and NSE, in moments when the “seas are rough”, guides leaders towards a clear definition of the direction to follow, subdividing the process to be implemented into steps which are continuously monitored and confirmed through specific surveys. All of this contributes to the building of an adequate internal creative climate.

When necessary, we’ve intervened to facilitate the development of new business concepts which draw together diverse components, bringing team dynamics into alignment.

An acquisition enriches the value of a company, and in these situations the climate of change is very strong. Our intervention sustains Creative Change Management, channeling the energies from different organizational and structural entities to give renewed enthusiasm and vitality to the business.

Our tools have allowed us to structure the creative process, adapting it to business constraints. We’ve been able to redefine Vision and Mission, enriching them and placing them side by side with Corporate counterparts, and at the same time bringing them closer to local needs. This process was at the base of a Start up phase that we participated in by intervening on various levels: from the design of its processes to the coaching of both directors and talent—centerpieces of both the present and the future, creative leaders.

Working with the company we identified new approaches, such as the definition of a new report model which generated satisfaction and added value for key opinion leaders.

In other innovation projects we concentrated on specific areas, after having evaluated where there was most urgent need and/or potential. For example, in a commercial setting, from amongst the various methodologies utilized, we found design thinking to be most useful, thanks to which we were able to define details and clarify challenges and proposals. In this way, the successive work of implementation followed a precise orientation without losing focus.
The basis that supports the guidelines defined during the construction of a project is founded upon data extracted by various diagnostic tools or by in-depth creative analysis.