Our Philosophy

Why NoStopEvolution

Even the most brilliant and innovative leaders are today challenged by scenarios that are increasingly confused, complex and rapidly evolving.
Ever-growing profit pressure makes it extremely difficult to generate sustainable ideas and to trace new routes: that’s why we believe that talking about Change Management is not enough.
It is therefore urgent to develop a new mindset that provides us with the ability to face and win strategic business challenges.

Developing a new mind set conveys to a deep change, which is nurtured and renewed  day by day, leading evolution and innovation.

Innovation is a way of thinking, a way of being, it is how we approach the world system. When people change, also the context and organisations change, and the whole system develops, improves, and evolves.
Innovation is the result of a disciplined process, which can be learned and sustained over time.
Nostopevolution is thus the Change Agent dedicated to people and organizations: a partner to help you make the paradigm shift needed to develop Creative Leaders.
At the same time, we believe that it is crucial to define and provoke a paradigm shift, because this allows leaders to see things from different perspectives, and supports them in selecting and implementing transformation and creative change.
To achieve this goal it is essential to shift the focus from a DOING-based approach to a new mindset that integrates BEING.

Who is NoStopEvolution

Nse is an organization specialized in developing Creative Leadership, Innovation and Organizational Evolution.
Nse is the global partner which helps you make the paradigm shift needed to develop Creative Leaders capable of generating sustainable innovation.
Our partnership translates into benefits and tangible results that impact People, Climate, Processes and Products.
We from NSE have built up significant professional experience with people and companies, working within both local and global organizational contexts, supporting our clients in exploring and experimenting with different perspectives.
This process of transformation and evolutionary change has, as its main ingredient, the development of creative thought.

What NoStopEvolution does

Creativity is at the heart of all forms of innovation, a rewarding and essential choice in an economy marked by constant change.
Innovation within organizations takes place when people, processes, products and the environment interact with one another in an effective and functional way.
Creative change is the key to both the success and the survival of organizational realities. Our goal is to help organizations innovate, by training people in creative thinking so that they think outside the box, thus creating a real competitive advantage.
Our approach to innovation and creativity, even if it is always in continuous evolution and transformation, is a holistic approach that integrates the methodology of the Creative Problem Solving Model with other methods. Through the deliberate application of creative thinking to our personal and professional choices we can make the most of our potential, with positive and unexpected results.


Global support for change is possible thanks to a consolidated network of professionals who for years have shared the same passion, the same tools and techniques for the sustainable development of people and organizations. 
Together we are able to support the process of change both in local and in global realities, thanks to the experience gained in different cultural contexts.
The project teams are formed ad hoc in order to capture the essence of our clients’ diverse needs, thus allowing us to fully satisfy their different and varied demands