Navigational Conversation

Navigational Conversation

Nav_conversationThis two-day workshop is a bona fide path towards individual and team development.
In working towards the goal of acquiring key coaching skills for the efficient development and management of collaborators, managers will in fact strengthen individual and team abilities, simultaneously training concrete behaviors which lead to a change in mindset.

The need for change today stems from the fact that most managers spend their time doing things firsthand, making a wider-scale vision more difficult to develop.
Another good reason to change consists of the hidden and “compressed” potential of talents within companies, which struggle to emerge.

The program therefore represents a fast, simple, and practical way to help managers shift from a “problem solving” mentality to a more proactive, “coaching-like” approach which encourages the growth of collaborators.
In short, managers will learn how to train and let loose natural creative leadership abilities.

By participating in the workshop, managers will learn how to:

1. Recognize the basics of a managerial relationship using a coaching approach
2. Identify when and where to use the coaching approach
3. Become familiar with the five steps of the coaching model
4. Experiment with the fundamental skills of the manager-coach:

a. The art of conscious listening
b. The art of asking questions
c. The art of speaking
d. How to provide efficient feedback
e. How to gauge one’s own progress in using the coaching approach

5. Accelerate results through individual development
6. Improve organizational communication and team efficiency
7. Support personal and professional commitment to company goals
8. Create a person plan of action through which participants will be able to apply the abilities acquired doing their individual jobs.

Participants in the workshop can be:

• Leaders of various levels (from executives to the frontline) and in various sectors
• Professional vocational trainers and facilitators, and HR people
• Team and project leaders
• Anyone interested in reinforcing their own ability to develop others