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Lego Serious Play

which have a strong, clear, shared mindset at their disposition work better and are more productive. Information is exchanged more quickly and efficiently and decisions are made more rapidly. Higher-performing members of the team are happy to spend time with others and give value to their contributions.

Developing teams that work well together is not just useful to create a positive climate and environment: truly close-knit teams have a perceivable impact on business results and can make a real difference.
However, this awareness, together with team building initiatives of various types, is not enough if, as often happens, individuals within larger organizations have difficulty working in groups and therefore being part of efficient teams.
LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is an innovative and experience-based process, designed to strengthen innovation and performance in business. Based on research which shows that this type of practical and applied learning develops deeper comprehension. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY aims to promote creative thinking through metaphors of business identity. Participants work within imaginary scenarios using three-dimensional Lego constructions.

In this way it’s possible to involve, motivate, and help teams to share mindsets in which strategic thinking is applied at an optimal level. Participants, in addition to earning earning increased commitment and many new insights, learn the skills necessary to communicate more efficiently, to activate the imagination, and to approach their work with a greater sense of confidence.
The material learned in this program can be directly transferred to the world of work: we don’t do team building but we concentrate on team development.

Creative Thinking Development

To obtain significant results from people and from organizations, leaders must continuously train and develop their own creative thinking as a fundamental characteristic of their style of leadership.

Applying key creative thinking skills in a deliberate manner makes us capable of greater operational dexterity as it contributes to building a new type of relationship with the client.

Over the course of our tailor-made workshops, thanks to specific paths designed and experimented by NoStopEvolution, leaders learn how to recognize and apply creative thinking to the challenges they must face in a deliberate way, becoming capable of producing desired change.
Developing their own creativity and the factors that promote it, leaders can have a positive impact on their style of leadership, becoming more efficient and proactive.