Innovation Project

Innovation Project

The goal of this project is to plant the seed of change and innovation in the company’s key resources.


The project is articulated in two complementary steps:

  1. Innovation Agent training
  2. Innovation Day

Innovation Agent training

The first step consists of the training of a small number of “Innovation Agents” within the company: internal resources hand-picked to support the process of company innovation, who will then become bona fide creative facilitators. In a practical and functional way they will be the first to experiment with the importance of the deliberate use of creative thinking as a core competence for the development of creative leadership.

Innovation Day

In the project’s second step, participants (the whole company or single divisions thereof) are invited to a playful idea generation competition. This event is also the first test of creative facilitation for the previously trained Innovation Agents, who will be the protagonists (with the support of the NSE facilitators) of a MEMORABLE day that will engage the company’s entire population.

Innovation Project makes innovation a fundamental element of the company, thanks to the training of internal figures who become its first promotors and who will remain at the disposition of the organization for the facilitation of internal processes.

Next, thanks to the “training” day, the whole company will become actively involved: creative change beings with every single element of the company.
Finally, the company’s immediate benefit will be the possibility to have, in real time, concrete ideas on how to work towards the resolution of challenges.