Feedback conversation

Feedback conversation

Feedback conversations
are often critical moments in a company’s life. Improving the moments in which feedback is shared can present a challenge for every employee.

Well-delivered feedback can open many paths while, at the same time, feedback delivered poorly can have the opposite effect.
Every successful organization must have a system of communication which leaves space for structured and efficient feedback: feedback which knows how to recognize and highlight excellence, which builds on potential, and which is able to point out and help resolve flaws and errors.

Structured feedback opens the path to:

• Increased motivation for its recipient
• Helping bridge the gap between desired result and obtained result
• Consolidating success
• Influencing and helping change
• Developing growth
• Helping to preserve relationships

The goal of this workshop is to teach the basic rules and fundamental elements of knowing how to receive feedback while also providing training for how to give it.

By participating in this workshop, managers will learn:

1. The secret ingredient which multiplies the power of positive feedback
2. The only approach which makes constructive feedback more easily “digestible”
3. How to structure a feedback conversation to reduce resistance and maximize the taking and accepting of responsibility
4. How to use feedback to enter into a coaching conversation
5. How to deal with defensive reactions
6. How to receive difficult feedback

Participants in the workshop can be:

1. Leaders of various levels (from executives to the frontline) and in various sectors
2. Professional vocational trainers and facilitators, and HR people
3. Team and project leaders
4. Anyone who works with people and who wants to improve their own capacity of offer constructive and efficient feedback