Creative Thinking Day

Creative Thinking Day

The goal of this product is to develop and increase change, through the participants’ acquisition of and experimentation with behaviors which are both creative and innovative. Highly interactive, practical, and functional, the product is a miniature path of development capable of supplying immediately usable instruments and methodologies which will tangibly allow for a greater and more deliberate use of creative thinking.

It permits participants to analyze business challenges from multiple perspectives, viewing them with new ideas. Participants, in addition to learning new creative thinking techniques, will acquire the awareness of what it means to be an active part of business processes. The fun atmosphere and the novelty of the instruments used will give a new vitality to participants and thereby enhance company environments.

The company will acquire, as an immediate, concrete benefit, an enormous number of ideas (for example, from our experience: 3,500 for 10 different challenges!), some of which will already be transformed into possible solutions.

Through Creative Thinking Day, therefore, two main goals are reached:

finding concrete solutions to business challenges, through a NON-GAME GAME which involves everyone
– strongly engaging employees in the construction of a different business atmosphere that fosters change and creativity