Coaching per l'innovazione


Coaching per l'Innovazione








Managerial Empowerment Path

NoStopEvolution designs and administers paths which are tailor-made to aid managers in developing their own resources.

After an initial analysis of needs, the skills to be strengthened are identified and the ideal path to accompany managers’ development is designed.

NSE trainers and facilitators are coaches certified by the International Coach Federation and are qualified to train managers in the following areas of specialization:
– Managerial coaching skills
– Coaching Clinics
– Navigational Conversation
– Feedback Conversation

Impact Coaching TM

The process of coaching represents an opportunity to develop soft skills which promote new behaviors that can integrate and strengthen skills. However, facing today’s ever-more complex challenges, in context of uncertainty which is in constant transformation, requires an immediate and context-conscious response.

Impact Coaching is NSE’s coaching methodology which, in addition to working on consciousness and individual responsibility, bolsters courage, vision, and boldness to help participants realize desired changes. Thanks to NSE Impact Coaching™ courses, managers will experiment with new, efficient and sustainable behaviors which generate tangible and long-lasting effects.
NSE’s Impact Coaching™ is a bona fide results-oriented coaching program, which integrates coaching with creative thinking development techniques to sustain its clients in maximizing the impact of their investments and therefore leading to concrete, tangible results.

Sessions, individual or in teams, can be conducted:
• on-site
• remotely
• combining the two, with alternating on-site and remote coaching sessions

NSE coaches are specialized in:

Executive coaching
Team coaching
Corporate coaching
Navigational conversation
Feedback conversations
Influential conversations
Emotional intelligence
Future Core coaching
Coaching for Innovation
Team Alignment
Coaching Clinic

NSE coaching are certified and accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation and can all boast of a significant and certified seniority in the field of coaching, along with solid prior business experience.

NSE coaches respect the ICF Code of Ethics.