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Catch Leadership - No Stop Evolution

Catch Leadership

The word CATCH stands for “Creative Agent of Transformation and Change”.

NoStopEvolution adventure starts from “a catch”.

Our approach to innovation and creativity is based primarily on the Catch Leadership Model™, a methodology that integrates Creative Problem Solving with other techniques and theories for the development of creative thinking.

This approach is extremely concrete: deliberately applying creative thinking to business challenges can generate innovative solutions and allow them to be implemented, thus achieving unexpected tangible results.

This new model of leadership, which foresees a radical paradigm shift from an approach towards only action (doing) to an approach towards the essence of being (BEING), is able to proactively apply transformation and creative changes to the challenges of business.

The implementation of Catch Leadership makes people more aware and more responsible for the building of a climate capable of nurturing creative change which impacts on people, processes and products.